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Owned Alloc


This library is only temporary.

This is an attempt of reducing erros with manual memory allocation in Rust. See docs for more details.

Docs: https://bzim.gitlab.io/owned-alloc/owned_alloc/


Owned Allocations. A crate to help reducing manual memory management errors.

The idea is to use a type like UninitAlloc for uninitialized dynamic allocations. After initializing it, you have a OwnedAlloc which is pretty similar to a Box. However, unlike a Box, you may move the value out from the OwnedAlloc and getting an UninitAlloc back.

For vec-like structures, a type RawVec is available, pretty similar to the one used by the standard library. Currently, no other help is provided for arrays/vectors.

There is also a type Cache, which is actually more general than allocation, but may be useful for allocations. It can save unused allocations requested on a tight loop.

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