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Downloads your liked photos and videos on Tumblr

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0.3.5 Aug 13, 2022
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A command-line program for downloading liked posts from Tumblr.

Example of exported HTML


Download the latest release for your platform.

Or, using cargo:

$ cargo install tumblr-likes


In order to download liked posts, you will need an API key. Your blog must be configured to share likes publicly, this can be done by going to your blog's "edit appearance" menu.

  1. Register an application with the Tumblr API. The name and other options don't matter.
  2. Click "Expore API" under the application you just created
  3. Click "Allow"
  4. In the upper right, click "Show Keys"
  5. Copy the API key shown


On the command line:

$ tumblr-likes -a <api_key> -b <blog>

To export posts to html:

$ tumblr-likes -a <api_key> -b <blog> --export likes.html

If you don't want to provide the API key every time, you can save it into an environmental variable $TUMBLR_API_KEY instead.

By default, liked posts will be downloaded into a downloads folder in the current directory. You can use -d to set a custom output directory.


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