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tulip CLI

Btw, on an unrelated issue: I see that Jason actually made the pull
request to have wireguard included in the kernel.

Can I just once again state my love for it and hope it gets merged
soon? Maybe the code isn't perfect, but I've skimmed it, and compared
to the horrors that are OpenVPN and IPSec, it's a work of art.


The tulip. CLI.

At the application level, Tulip is a thin abstraction over Wireguard. At the network level, Tulip is Wireguard.



WireGuard, Rust, what's in the Cargo.toml, make, sudo.

Usage for Tulip Network Users

  • Create a public and private ID with tulip gen-id.
  • To join a Tulip network, you will have to give a network administrator your public_id.json. NEVER share your private_id.json.
  • To start a Tulip network, use tulip start.
  • To stop a Tulip network, use tulip stop.
  • To join a Tulip network with the iPhone or Android WireGuard app, generate a separate private_id.json and public_id.json, have a network administrator approve the new public_id.json, and use tulip gen-wg-conf.

Usage for Tulip Network Admins

  • Maintain your tulip_network.json and phonebook.json files, whose schemas are detailed below.
  • Make sure phonebook.json is available at the HTTP endpoint /phonebook.json on your Tulip network's WireGuard IP address.
  • To start a Tulip network, use tulip start --server.
  • To stop a Tulip network, use tulip stop.
  • To provision a user's tulip_network.json file, use tulip gen-net-conf. (Note: the user must already be added to your phonebook.json manually).


E.g., if your Tulip network is called "Sandringham", then sandringham_tulip_network.json might look like this.

  "name": "sandringham",
  "subnet": "",
  "user": {
    "name": "janie",
    "vpn_ip": ""
  "public_endpoints": [
      "name": "appleton",
      "vpn_ip": "",
      "public_hostname": "vpn.example.com",
      "public_key": "lNYWO/sIEmu51/2uBZQfaECU9DTw+tBl8IsgMM+XjVU=",
      "port": 23235


  "diana": {
    "name": "diana",
    "vpn_ip": "",
    "public_key": "F9JGSvSOEIVOXyJT3iBu6HqECTz1b6TpadcuXA71jUE="
  "harry": {
    "name": "harry",
    "vpn_ip": "",
    "public_key": "hcKLrJd1+vrDphARIRZFMGsvBSEpmS/c3AOpaJz033Q="


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