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The ttyrec file format is used to record terminal sessions for later playback. This is commonly used for recording terminal games such as NetHack or Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, but can be used for any terminal session.


Sessions can be recorded using the ttyrec command. It launches a shell, and all output from that session is saved to a file, similar to the script command from util-linux. Unlike script, however, ttyrec also saves information about the timing between chunks of output, so that the session can be played back in real time as it happened. See ttyrec --help for more information about available options.


The ttyplay command is an interactive player for ttyrec files. In addition to playing back files as they were recorded, this player allows for arbitrary seeking forwards and backwards through the file, pausing, adjusting the playback speed, and searching for output content. See ttyplay --help for more information about available options, and press ? while the player is paused (via the Space key) to see a list of key bindings.


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