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Runtime dependency for ts-bindgen. Supports wasm-bindgen interfaces autogenerated from typescript definitions

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ts-bindgen-rt contains the runtime that generated bindings depend on for ts-bindgen.

For usage information about ts-bindgen, check out the ts-bindgen docs, online playground, or repo.


ts-bindgen is currently alpha software and it should be expected that any or all of the following might change significantly from version to version:

  1. Generated bindings
  2. Exposed interfaces
  3. Internal implementation

There are currently known issues that will prevent generation of reasonable bindings for some typescript idioms.

We welcome contributions and issues!


ts-bindgen-rt provides the runtime library that our generated bindings depend on, primarily for serialization and deserialization between javascript (JsValues and rust).


Copyright 2022 Adam Berger, Ratchet Designs.

ts-bindgen is licensed under either of the MIT or Apache licenses, at your option.


ts-bindgen is crafted thoughtfully by Ratchet Designs


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