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Really, really simple terminal-based time-series data recorder and plotter.

I have quite a few scripts which inject data into off-the-shelf apps, generate reports, compare data in various systems and more. All the usual fun things you do when you're working with a pile of legacy infrastructure (and cleaning it up).

This helps me track how many issues there are over time and quickly and easily identify when large changes happen.


# Add a new series with specific units
$ trk add-series -n inv.req.time -u ms
$ trk add-series -n devices.alive

# Or interactively
$ trk add-series
Series Name: services.provisioned
Input Unit (eg ms, bps): svc
Created services.valid

# Then add some data points
$ trk add -s inv.req.time 9
$ trk add -s inv.req.time 8
$ trk add -s inv.req.time 9

# Or via the bulk command (for integrating with scripts)
$ cat <<EOL > points.txt

$ cat points.txt | trk bulk

# You can always use -c to auto-create the series if you don't want to pre-populate
$ trk add -c -s new.series 20

# trk stores files in $HOME/.trk by default, customise this if desired
$ trk -d ~/my-metrics bulk -c < points.txt

# Or use different data files to keep things separate
$ trk -f app1 add -c -s metric.a 33
$ trk -f app2 add -c -s metric.a 983

# And then plot the output (see screenshots below, the braille text doesn't space correctly here)
$ trk plot -s inv.req.time

# If you want the detail, add a table to
$ trk plot -s inv.req.time -t

# Or if you're not sure what you've been plotting, don't specify a series and use the interactive list
$ trk plot


Send a PR.

I'm fairly new using Rust so I expect that there's a lot which could be fixed. Things which are at the top of my (low-priority) todo list:

  • Find a nice SQL generator (like Perl's SQL::Abstract or ...)
  • Support JSON maybe for bulk ingest?
  • Clean up module structure


See LICENSE file.

Code under src/textplots is MIT licensed but (C) Alexey Suslov


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