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slint grammar for the tree-sitter parsing library

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Tree sitter grammar for slint targeted at neovim

This is still experimental, is missing a few features and is kind of bloated. Issues and pull requests are very welcome.


Without Tree Sitter

With Tree Sitter

With Tree Sitter

Without Tree Sitter


Make sure you have nvim-treesitter installed and configured. Instructions are here

Just for fun

To show off the highlighting and the language features here is this picture just for fun

Just for fun


This crate provides slint language support for the tree-sitter parsing library.

Typically, you will use the language function to add this language to a tree-sitter Parser, and then use the parser to parse some code:

let code = "";
let mut parser = tree_sitter::Parser::new();
parser.set_language(tree_sitter_slint::language()).expect("Error loading slint grammar");
let tree = parser.parse(code, None).unwrap();


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