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Trdelník is Rust based testing framework providing several convenient developer tools for testing Solana programs written in Anchor.

  • Trdelnik client - build and deploy an Anchor program to a local cluster and run a test suite against it;
  • Trdelnik console - built-in console to give developers a command prompt for quick program interaction;
  • Trdelnik fuzz - property-based and stateful testing;
  • Trdelnik explorer - exploring a ledger changes.
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cargo install trdelnik-cli

# or the specific version

cargo install --version <version> trdelnik-cli


# navigate to your project root directory
trdelnik init
# it will generate `.program_client` and `trdelnik-tests` directories with all the necessary files
trdelnik test
# want more?
trdelnik --help

How to write tests?

// <my_project>/trdelnik-tests/tests/test.rs
// TODO: do not forget to add all necessary dependencies to the generated `trdelnik-tests/Cargo.toml`
use program_client::my_instruction;
use trdelnik_client::*;
use my_program;

async fn init_fixture() -> Fixture {
  // create a test fixture
  let mut fixture = Fixture {
    client: Client::new(system_keypair(0)),
    // make sure your program is using a correct program ID
    program: program_keypair(1),
    state: keypair(42),
  // deploy a tested program
  // call instruction init

async fn test_happy_path(#[future] init_fixture: Result<Fixture>) {
  let fixture = init_fixture.await?;
  // call the instruction
  // check the test result
  let state = fixture.get_state().await?;
  assert_eq!(state.something_changed, "yes");

Make sure your program is using a correct program ID in the derive_id!(...) macro and inside Anchor.toml. If not, obtain the public key of a key pair you're using and replace it in these two places. To get the program ID of a key pair (key pair's public key) the trdelnik key-pair command can be used. For example

$ trdelnik key-pair program 7

will print information about the key pair received from program_keypair(7).

Instructions with custom structures

  • If you want to test an instruction which has custom structure as an argument
pub struct MyStruct {
  amount: u64,

// ...

pub fn my_instruction(ctx: Context<Ctx>, data: MyStruct) { /* ... */ }
  • You should add an import to the .program_client crate
// .program_client/src/lib.rs

// DO NOT EDIT - automatically generated file
pub mod my_program_instruction {
  use trdelnik_client::*;
  use my_program::MyStruct; // add this import

// ...
  • This file is automatically generated but the use statements won't be regenerated

Skipping tests

  • You can add the #[ignore] macro to skip the test.
async fn test() {}

Testing programs with associated token accounts

  • Trdelnik does not export anchor-spl and spl-associated-token-account, so you have to add it manually.
# <my-project>/trdelnik-tests/Cargo.toml
# import the correct versions manually
anchor-spl = "0.28.0"
spl-associated-token-account = "2.0.0"
// <my-project>/trdelnik-tests/tests/test.rs
use anchor_spl::token::Token;
use spl_associated_token_account;

async fn init_fixture() -> Fixture {
  // ...
  let account = keypair(1);
  let mint = keypair(2);
  // constructs a token mint
    .create_token_mint(&mint, mint.pubkey(), None, 0)
  // constructs associated token account
  let token_account = client
    .create_associated_token_account(&account, mint.pubkey())
  let associated_token_program = spl_associated_token_account::id();
  // derives the associated token account address for the given wallet and mint
  let associated_token_address = spl_associated_token_account::get_associated_token_address(&account.pubkey(), mint);
  Fixture {
    // ...
    token_program: Token::id(),
  • The trdelnik init command generated a dummy test suite for you.
  • For more details, see the complete test implementation.

Supported versions

  • We support Anchor and Solana versions specified in the table below.
Trdelnik CLI Anchor Solana
latest ~0.28.* =1.16.6
v0.4.0 ~0.27.* >=1.15
v0.3.0 ~0.25.* >=1.10
v0.2.0 ~0.24.* >=1.9
  • We are exploring a new versions of Anchor, please make sure you only use the supported versions. We are working on it 💪


The configuration variables can be edited in the Trdelnik.toml file that'll be generated in the root of the project.

Name Default value Description
test.validator_startup_timeout 10 000 Time to wait for the solana-test-validator in milliseconds before failure


  • Q1/22 Trdelnik announcement at Solana Hacker House Prague
    • Trdelnik client available for testing
  • Q2/22 Trdelnik explorer available
  • Q2/22 Trdelnik client and explorer introduced at Solana Hacker House Barcelona
  • Q3/23 Trdelnik fuzz introduced at Solana Hacker House Berlin


Marinade Community Prize - winner of the Marinade grant for the 2022 Solana Riptide Hackathon.


Thank you for your interest in contributing to Trdelník! Please see the CONTRIBUTING.md to learn how.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

University and investment partners


~1.5M SLoC