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A ULTRA-SIMPLE and lightweight pastebin engine

8 releases

0.3.4 Nov 15, 2021
0.3.3 Oct 31, 2021
0.3.1 May 30, 2021
0.2.1 Oct 29, 2020
0.1.2 Oct 18, 2020

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That's a ULTRA simple pastebin engine written in Rust!


API is VERY simple and does not require any API keys, authorization, etc. Also, it's backward compatible with older trashbin versions


Uploaded pastes stores directly in memory.

Default limits (configurable in settings.cfg)

  • paste lifetime: 60 minutes
  • max paste size: 5 MB
  • max pastes: 500

Adding pastes:

Add paste with text/html content-type

POST /add
BODY: <Content>

Response variants: pasteid, or any error type

Add paste with text/plain content-type

POST /addplain
BODY: <Content>

Response variants: pasteid, or any error type

You can also upload pastes through web interface

Viewing pastes:

GET /[pasteid]

Response: Paste content with text/html content type or 404 Error if paste not found

Added in 0.3.0

GET /total

Response: Returns total paste count in trashbin instance


Any error return 4XX HTTP Code and reason in body with text/plain content-type:

The request payload is too large (413) - Occurs if request has exceeded upload limit (5 MB by default)

Empty request (400) - Occurs if request body is empty


You can install the latest version via cargo:

cargo install trashbin

Or install the latest CI build (https://gitlab.com/cc-ru/trashbin/-/pipelines)

Building and running

Download and install Rust, clone this repository and run:

cargo build --release

Go to target/release folder and run:



I want to create ULTRA simple pastebin for IRC-bots multiline output - in this use case long-term storage is not needed...


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