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Store your transfer.sh links, so you can remember them later and know when they will expire

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Transfer.sh helper Rusted

The idea of the script is to store your transfer.sh links and simplify its usage, so you can remember them later and know when they will expire, but now written in Rust.


  • Store your Transfer.sh links in a sqlite3 file locally.
  • Easily compress files and folders before uploading them.
  • Simplify the transfer.sh usage via CLI.
  • Automatically calculates expired links.
  • Option to easily delete the file from their servers.



I am not the author of the Transfer.sh service and don't have any affiliation with it.

I am just a user from their services, so I wrote this script to help me remember my links.

Check out Transfer.sh on Github and give them a star.


cargo install transferhelper

That's it, you are ready to go.


This script has a few commands, you can use them in your terminal:

Upload a file:

transferhelper upload <file>

Compress a folder or file and upload it:

By default it will compress with default compression level, which is 6.

transferhelper upload <file> -c

You can also define a compression level from 0-9, 0 is the fastest and 9 is the best compression.

transferhelper upload <file_or_folder> -c -l 9
transferhelper list

View sha256sum of uploaded files:

transferhelper list -s
transferhelper list -d
transferhelper delete

After running this command it will ask you for the link you want to delete and if you want to delete from the cloud as well.

Delete the database:

transferhelper drop

After running this command it will ask for confirmation.

View help:

transferhelper -h

Build the package from Github

  1. Install Rust on your machine, Rustup.

  2. Clone this repository.

  3. Inside the cloned folder run:

cargo install --path .

Thats it

Now you can use the program from your terminal.

transferhelper -h


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.


~785K SLoC