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Converts text encoding the easy and efficient way

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This is a transcoding library. Transcoding here means converting text encoding to another.

There are two excellent crates chardetng and encoding_rs. chardetng is created for encoding detection and encoding_rs can be used for transcoding. This library aims to transcode the easy and efficient way by combining these two crates.

Note: Supported encodings are the ones defined in the Encoding Standard.

Note: UTF-16 files are needed to have a BOM to be detected as the encoding.
This is because chardetng, on which this library depends, does not support UTF-16 and this library only added BOM sniffing to detect UTF-16.


See the document.

How encoding detection works.

Since texts are internally just byte sequences, there is no way to detect the right encoding with 100% accuracy.
So we need to guess the right encoding somehow.
The below is the flow we roughly follow.

  1. Do BOM sniffing to detect UTF-16.
    If a BOM is found, skip guessing the encoding.
  2. Guess the encoding using chardetng.
  3. Decode texts using encoding_rs.
  4. Check the decoded texts if there are non-text characters, which are described below.
    If non-text characters do not exceed the threshold, output the decoded texts.
    Otherwise, emit an error message and output the input texts as it is.

Non-text characters

Characters that are treated as non-text in this library are the same ones in the file command, plus the REPLACEMENT CHARACTER.
Namely, U+0000 ~ U+0006, U+000e ~ U+001a, U+001c ~ U+001f, U+007f, and U+FFFD are treated as the non-text characters.


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