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Transact is a transaction execution platform designed to be used as a library or component when implementing distributed ledgers, including blockchains

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Hyperledger Transact

Hyperledger Transact is a platform-agnostic library for executing transactions with smart contracts.

The Hyperledger Transact project includes several repositories:

  • This repository contains the core Transact Rust library.

  • The transact-contrib repository contains examples and reference implementations.

  • The transact-rfcs repository contains RFCs (requests for comments) for proposed and approved changes to Hyperledger Transact.

How to Participate

We welcome contributors, both organizations and individuals, to help shape project direction, contribute ideas, provide use cases, and work on specific tools and examples. Please join the discussion in the mailing list and #transact channel.

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Hyperledger Transact software is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 software license.


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