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Reverse proxy and load balancer for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

3 unstable releases

0.1.1 Sep 2, 2023
0.0.2 Feb 22, 2019
0.0.1 Feb 22, 2019

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Reliable reverse proxy and load balancer for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition servers.

WARNING: This is brand new. Reliability/performance claims may not yet be true.

Project Status: Development is happening on branch v0.2, with additions such as an API.

crate name info

This crate name (trakt) was previously used by a wrapper around trakt.tv API. If you are looking for this crate, check out its repository.


  • Efficient Raknet-aware proxying
  • MOTD Caching
  • Proxy Protocol support to forward player IPs
  • Health checks (ping) to not send players to servers that are down
  • Dynamic configuration reload
  • Ability to restart and recover active connections (provided it restarts within a few seconds)


From crates.io

Make sure you have a recent version of the rust toolchain installed.

Run cargo install trakt to build and install the latest published version.

From source

Make sure you have a recent version of the rust toolchain installed.

  1. Clone this repository: git clone https://github.com/Unoqwy/trakt
  2. Go into the cloned directory: cd trakt
  3. Build and install the binary.
    1. As a cargo binary: cargo install --locked --path .
    2. (or) system-wide: cargo build --release --locked && sudo cp target/release/trakt /usr/local/bin/trakt


Usage: trakt [OPTIONS]

  -c, --config <FILE>  Configuration file [default: config.toml]
  -v, --verbose...     Verbose level
      --ignore-stdin   Disable reading from standard input for commands
      --no-color       Disable colors from output
      --raise-ulimit   Raise the maximum number of open files allowed to avoid issues
      --recovery-snapshot-file <FILE>  Snapshot file for restart recovery [default: .trakt_recover]
  -h, --help           Print help (see more with '--help')
  -V, --version        Print version

To create the config file, it's recommended to copy config.example.toml from this repository. You can then edit it to fit your needs.


The configuration can be reloaded without restarting trakt. To do so, type reload in the program's console.

As a systemd service

A sample systemd service file is provided in pkg/trakt.service.

You can use sudo systemctl link $(realpath pkg/trakt.service) to link it.

Before linking it, make sure the command in ExecStart matches your installation. By default, you need the following:

  • Binary installed in /usr/local/bin/trakt
  • Config file in /etc/trakt.toml

Note: There is currently no practical way to dynamically reload the config when running trakt as a systemd service.


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