Cargo Features

tracy_full = { version = "1.7.0", default-features = false, features = ["unstable", "allocator_api", "bevy", "tracing", "wgpu", "enable", "manual-init", "futures", "system-tracing", "context-switch-tracing", "sampling", "code-transfer", "broadcast", "only-localhost", "only-ipv4", "timer-fallback", "ondemand", "ctor"] }
default = broadcast, code-transfer, context-switch-tracing, sampling, system-tracing

Default features that tracy uses.

unstable allocator_api?

Enable nightly-only features and optimizations.

Affects zone::get_function_name_from_local_type

allocator_api = unstable

Enable the nightly Allocator API features.

Affects alloc::TrackedAllocator, alloc::TrackedAllocatorSampled

bevy = bevy_ecs, futures

Bevy support.

Affects tracy_full::bevy

tracing = tracing-subscriber

Tracing support.

Enables tracing

Affects tracy_full::tracing

wgpu = futures-lite

WGPU support.

Enables wgpu

Affects tracy_full::wgpu


Enable the capture of profiling data. Disabled by default.

Enables enable of tracy-client-sys

Affects zone::zone_sample


Expose manual initialization and shutdown functions. These must be called before any other tracy functions.

Enables manual-lifetime of tracy-client-sys

Affects tracy_full::startup_tracy, tracy_full::shutdown_tracy

futures bevy?

Enable support for fibers, coroutines, and async/await.

Enables fibers of tracy-client-sys

Affects tracy_full::future

system-tracing default

Enable the capture of system-level details, if possible.

Enables system-tracing of tracy-client-sys

context-switch-tracing default

Enable the capture of context-switch data.

Enables context-switch-tracing of tracy-client-sys

sampling default

Enable sampling of call-stacks.

Enables sampling of tracy-client-sys

code-transfer default

Enable the capture of machine code data.

Enables code-transfer of tracy-client-sys

broadcast default

Enable the broadcast of profiling data on the network.

Enables broadcast of tracy-client-sys


Connect only to profiles running on the same machine.

Enables only-localhost of tracy-client-sys


Connect through IPv4 only.

Enables only-ipv4 of tracy-client-sys


Enable support for low-resolution timers.

Enables timer-fallback of tracy-client-sys


Enable support for profiling on demand. This has a minor performance penalty.

Enables ondemand of tracy-client-sys

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

ctor implicit feature

Enables ctor


__attribute__((constructor)) for Rust

bevy_ecs bevy?

Enables bevy_ecs ^0.12

futures-lite wgpu?
tracing-subscriber tracing?