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Welcome to tpntree!

space partition

The N-dimensional generalization of region quad/oc-trees.

What are tpntrees?

Tpntrees are quadtrees, octrees and the same thing at any other dimension.

Why is it called tpntree?

tpn is an acronym for two power n or written as math 2^N which indicates the number of regions a tree has as children. In 2D its 2^2 = 4, a.k.a. quadtree, in 3D its 2^3 = 8 a.k.a. octree.

How do I use tpntrees?

For usage information please head over to the docs.


This crate contains an N-dimensional generalization of a region quadtree called Two-power-n-tree or tpntree, as there exist 2^N children per node, where N is the number of dimensions. A quadtree is the two-dimensional case, an octtree is the three-dimensional case of the tpntree.


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