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app townhopper_cli

CLI for queries on GTFS data (backed by SQLite DB)

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✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

0.1.1 Jul 14, 2019
0.1.0 Mar 2, 2019




CLI program for simple queries on GTFS public transport timetables.


cargo install townhopper_cli


Create a config file at ~/.config/townhopper/config.toml and point to a directory with your GTFS data files, somewhat like:

kind = "dir_of_dirs"
path = "../../.local/share/townhopper/gtfs"

The above config assumes that under ~/.local/share/townhopper/gtfs there is at least one subdirectory containing GTFS txt files.

Run a refresh command which will read the GTFS data and populate townhopper's internal SQLite database:

$ townhopper refresh


More comprehensive guide or a proper manual page should be added once the program becomes more usable, but here's an example how to query the nearest connection in Brno from Hlavní nádraží to Česká with a transfer at Mendlovo náměstí:

$ townhopper trip -s brno-hlavni-nadrazi -s brno-mendlovo-namesti -s brno-ceska
Departure: 2019-03-02 19:04

              1 >> 19:12 Brno, Hlavní nádraží
                << 19:18 Brno, Mendlovo náměstí
              6 >> 19:18 Brno, Mendlovo náměstí
                << 19:25 Brno, Česká

              1 >> 19:22 Brno, Hlavní nádraží
                << 19:28 Brno, Mendlovo náměstí
              6 >> 19:28 Brno, Mendlovo náměstí
                << 19:35 Brno, Česká

              1 >> 19:32 Brno, Hlavní nádraží
                << 19:38 Brno, Mendlovo náměstí
              6 >> 19:38 Brno, Mendlovo náměstí
                << 19:45 Brno, Česká

For a description of current subcommands and features, use help:

$ townhopper -h
$ townhopper trip -h


To build both the library and CLI on the host:


Likely it's better to build in a container:

./toolbox/run make

If you're hacking both on lib and CLI at the same time, make sure the CLI will use the local lib (not the one from crates.io) by uncommenting the following in CLI's Cargo.toml:

townhopper = { path = "../lib" }


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