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A simple command-line tool to convert common image formats to WebP.


cargo install towebp


You use this tool like cat; just provide a list of files. Here's how you might convert a.png and some.jpg into a.webp and some.webp, respectively:

towebp a.png some.jpg

This also means you can convert all the PNGs in a directory like this:

towebp *.png

towebp will print errors to stderr if a file fails to parse or decode as an image, but will continue on with the rest of the files, like cat.

There are two flags available for selecting quality and changing to the lossless encoder. You can only specify one at a time. Using the same imaginary files as before, you can encode the png losslessly with -l and the jpeg with a lossy quality of 75 with -q 75. Like this:

towebp -l a.png
towebp -q 75 some.jpg


This program is licensed under Creative Commons Zero; it's in the public domain.


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