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Tor control port password encryption and decryption

Coverage Status

Tor is controllable by making socket connections to the “ControlPort” usually on port 9051.

.torrc requires a "HashedControlPassword" option to make use of password authentication. You can generate this value by running tor --hash-password <secret> on the command line. This module gives you that same functionality as a standalone Rust library.

The salted hash is computed according to the S2K algorithm in RFC 2440 (OpenPGP), and prefixed with the s2k specifier. This is then encoded in hexadecimal, prefixed by the indicator sequence "16:".

Thus, for example, the password 'foo' could encode to:

     16:660537E3E1CD4999 60 44A3BF558097A981F539FEA2F9DA662B4626C1C2
        ++++++++++++++++ ** ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           salt       indicator     hashed value

Example use

To generate a Tor password, use hash_password. You can verify challenges against the hash with verify:

use tor_hash_passwd::EncryptedKey;

let hash = EncryptedKey::hash_password("ride the wild Pony");
assert!(hash.validate("ride the wild Pony"));
assert!(!hash.validate("some other password"));

The algorithm uses a random salt, so generating the same hashed password multiple times will deliver different hashes. To get reproducible hashes, you must supply the salt:

use tor_hash_passwd::EncryptedKey;
use hex_literal::hex;

let key = EncryptedKey::hash_with_salt("foo", hex!("85EE955FF128F012"));
assert_eq!(key.to_string().as_str(), "16:85EE955FF128F01260A1CFA5C3BE947A512B8EFAD1BC410671E3DBBA2D");

You can also convert a string to an Encrypted Key:

use std::convert::TryFrom;
use tor_hash_passwd::EncryptedKey;
let key = EncryptedKey::try_from("16:29AAD7BADA64895D604EE18A5549712C9DADAF373B72D7DEF0D4AE97AE").unwrap();


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