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app djpass

A command-line tool to generate and verify passwords used in Django project

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1.2.1 Dec 7, 2021
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djpass (Django Passwords)

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A command-line tool to generate and verify passwords used in Django Project.


You can compile from source, or install via cargo (requires version 0.6.0 or higher):

$ cargo install djpass


Generating a Password Hash

If you run it without arguments it will ask for a password:

$ djpass
Password: [password]
Hash: pbkdf2_sha256$24000$...

Passing the password as a single argument will return the hash:

$ djpass hello
Hash: pbkdf2_sha256$24000$...

You can also specify the algorithm used:

$ djpass hello -a sha1
Hash: sha1$hzPiRIKYykm8$23...


  • PBKDF2 (default)
  • Argon2
  • Scrypt
  • BCryptSHA256
  • BCrypt
  • SHA1
  • MD5
  • UnsaltedSHA1
  • UnsaltedMD5
  • Crypt

The algorithm argument is case-insensitive.

Verifying a Password Hash

$ djpass hello 'sha1$hzPiRIKYykm8$23...'
Password ok.

If you pass an algorithm during verification it will be ignored.


  • Be polite, I'm new to Rust, like almost everybody.
  • Don't go nuts with your mad-rust-skillz, legibility is a priority.
  • Always include a unit test.


Djpass is released under the 3-Clause BSD License.

tl;dr: "free to use as long as you credit me".


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