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Manage a set of connections to the Tor network

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Manage a set of channels on the Tor network.


This crate is part of Arti, a project to implement Tor in Rust.

In Tor, a channel is a connection to a Tor relay. It can be direct via TLS, or indirect via TLS over a pluggable transport.

Since a channel can be used for more than one circuit, it's important to reuse channels when possible. This crate implements a ChanMgr type that can be used to create channels on demand, and return existing channels when they already exist.

Compile-time features

  • pt-client -- Build with APIs to support pluggable transports.

Experimental and unstable features

Note that the APIs enabled by these features are NOT covered by semantic versioning[^1] guarantees: we might break them or remove them between patch versions.

  • experimental -- Build with all experimental features above. (Currently, there are no experimental features in this crate, but there may be some in the future.)

[^1]: Remember, semantic versioning is what makes various cargo features work reliably. To be explicit: if you want cargo update to only make safe changes, then you cannot enable these features.

License: MIT OR Apache-2.0


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