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Pretty print and query TOML files


How to use

cargo install tomlcli

Next use toml or tomlcli binary.

# Pretty print contents of file
toml Cargo.toml

# Pretty print table
toml Cargo.toml package

# Print value in table
toml Cargo.toml package.name

# Print value in array
toml Cargo.toml package.keywords.0

# Print table in array
toml Cargo.lock package.0

# Print value in table in array
toml Cargo.lock package.0.name


  1. Pretty print table in field:
name = "foo"
path = "./bar.rs"
  1. Query fields with dot:
"foo.bar" = "example"


Copyright (c) Sergey Sova. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for details.


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