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Get command to run to run specific test in a file

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Send in filename and position of any file in any language, toffee returns the command needed to run the nearest test with the proper testing lib. It is a WIP, currently supports python, go and rust.


This is the main interface that toffee exposes, but this is mostly meant to be used from within your editor. The ideal flow will be use toffee to get the command that you need to run, then use your editor to start a shell or something that runs the actual test.

Examle implementation for Emacs here

Usage: toffee <filename> [<line_no>] [--full]

Get command to run to run specific test in a file

  --full            run full test suite
  --help            display usage information


$ toffee src/pickers/rust.rs
cargo test pickers::rust

$ toffee src/pickers/rust.rs 83
cargo test pickers::rust::tests::test_simple_find


OS From Command
- crates.io cargo install toffee
macOS homeberw brew install meain/homebrew-meain/toffee
- nix nix-env -iA nur.repos.meain.toffee


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