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A super small crate only exporting a single macro to “use” parameters

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A super small crate only exporting a single macro-by-example to "use" parameters.

Yet another dependency?

If you want to avoid yet another dependency, and don't need a fancy API, you can also just copy paste:

macro_rules! todo_using {
    ([$($using_ident: ident),* $(,)?], $($message_arg:tt)+) => {
            let __suppress_unused_warning = $using_ident;
    ($($using_ident: ident),* $(,)?) => {
            let __suppress_unused_warning = $using_ident;

for the extended version just look into the source code.

Purpose of this crate

For you as an enduser this crate mostly serves as

  1. An easy way to use the feature without thinking about it
  2. As a way to discover how to implement this
  3. As a vehicle for a few tests that ensure things work as expected

I mostly wrote this though to serve as a playground for both macros-by-example and a few other features of the Rust ecosystem, like documentation. I don't expect any mayor issues to come up, and if that should happen I expect to fix them, but of course there is no guarantee of continued maintenance.

No runtime deps