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Tittle - Dotfile Manager

Tittle tracks your dotfiles under version control and supports fine-grained user/machine-specific configuration.

Quick Start

You can start your own tittle-managed dotfile repo like so:

> tittle track ~/.config/i3
INFO: tracking /home/enricozb/.config/i3 under i3
> tittle repo git@github.com:enricozb/dotfiles
> tittle push

You can also clone an existing one with:

> tittle clone https://github.com/enricozb/dotfiles


Currently the easiest way to install tittle is through cargo:

cargo install tittle


  • commands: for info on the commands that tittle accepts.
  • config: for the tittle config specification.
  • templates: for how to use templates and variables.
  • tracking: for info on how to use tittle track.


Throughout the codebase and this document the terms remote and local appear often. Remote refers to files that are under the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tittle directory. Local files are those on the user's filesystem currently being used as configs.

To do

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