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Messages to be sent between the web browser and the web extension

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= Titanium Web Browser

A keyboard-driven web browser written in Rust

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Titanium is written in Rust and uses WebKit2GTK to render web pages.

It is inspired on Vimperator and qutebrowser.py.

== Screenshots

image:doc/screenshots/titanium.png[Titanium,300,link="doc/screenshots/titanium.png"] image:doc/screenshots/titanium-follow-links.png[Titanium-Follow-Links,300,link="doc/screenshots/titanium-follow-links.png"]

== Features

  • vim-like keybindings
  • follow links/scroll from the keyboard
  • pop-up blocker with blacklist and whitelist
  • user scripts and user style sheet
  • page search
  • search engines
  • download manager
  • bookmarks (with completions)
  • ad blocker

== Building

[source, bash]

cargo build cd titanium-web-extension cargo build

if you have issues compiling due to requiring an environment variable, set it to the web extension path

== Installing Titanium

Set the TITANIUM_EXTENSION_INSTALL_PATH environment variable and compile in release mode. Then copy the executable and the library in /usr/local.

[source, bash]

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/lib/titanium/web-extensions export TITANIUM_EXTENSION_INSTALL_PATH=/usr/local/lib/titanium/web-extensions cargo build --release sudo cp target/release/titanium /usr/local/bin cd titanium-web-extension cargo build --release sudo cp target/release/libtitanium_web_extension.so /usr/local/lib/titanium/web-extensions/

== Donations

If you appreciate this project and want new features to be implemented, please support me on Patreon.



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