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TisQ - terminal UI for SQL databases

TisQ [tɪz-kjuː] stands for Terminal Interface for SQL Queries.

"gif recording"


  • Browse servers, databases, schemas and tables in tree view.
  • Write and execute SQL queries.
  • View query execution results in table.
  • Switch between multiple query tabs with different connections.
  • Customizable keybindings by config TOML file.
  • Save query editors content on exit and restore on start.


In active development. Not ready for production use, there are no tests, incomplete error handling, program can crash on some inputs.

Note that version published on crates.io is a dummy, as it is not possible to publish correct build here due to use of git dependencies. Versions published on GitHub are correct.

Database support

Only Postgres is supported at the moment and with very limited set of types.


With script

In bash shell run:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/strowk/tisq/main/install.sh | bash

Tested on Linux bash and Windows Git Bash. Should work for MacOS too.

Disabling sudo

By default the script would try to install TisQ to /usr/local/bin and would require sudo rights for that, but you can disable this behavior by setting NO_SUDO environment variable:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/strowk/tisq/main/install.sh | NO_SUDO=1 bash

Sudo is disabled by default for Windows Git Bash.

From sources

If your system/architecture is not supported by the script above, you can install Rust and install TisQ from sources:

git clone https://github.com/strowk/tisq
cargo install --path ./tisq

Using Docker

You can run TisQ in Docker container:

docker run -it --rm ghcr.io/strowk/tisq:main-debian
# or
docker run -it --rm ghcr.io/strowk/tisq:main-alpine

Note that the version in main-* tags would be from the latest commit in main branch. Builds are provided based on Debian and Alpine Linux with x86_64 and aarch64 architectures.


Some of following keybindings are configurable and could be adjusted in configuration file that is located under home folder in .tisq/config.toml.

The format for this file could be illustrated by the following example:

# Firstly specify the section for keybindings
[keybindings.globals] # word "globals" here is a name of the keybinding config section
# Then use keybinding name as a key and list of possible key presses as a value
GlobalExit = [
    # This would allow to use Esc key without any modifiers
    { modifiers = "", key = { type = "Esc" } },
    # Or, alternatively use Ctrl+C combination, both would work
    { modifiers = "Ctrl", key = { type = "Char", args = "c" } },

In this example it is demonstrated how to specify special keys, such as Esc, using simple type = "Esc" and how characters are specified using type = "Char" with args field that contains the character.


Config section: globals.

Default Keybindings Description Config name
Ctrl+c, Esc Quit GlobalExit
Alt+Left / Ctrl+Alt+Left Navigate Left GlobalNavigateLeft
Alt+Right / Ctrl+Alt+Right Navigate Right GlobalNavigateRight
Alt+Up / Ctrl+Alt+Up Navigate Up GlobalNavigateUp
Alt+Down / Ctrl+Alt+Down Navigate Down GlobalNavigateDown

Browser (tree view)

Config section: browser.

Default Keybindings Description Config name
a Add new server BrowserAddServer
Delete Delete server -
q Open query editor for selected database BrowserDatabaseOpenQueryEditor
Up, Down Navigate -
Right, Left Open,close node -

Query editor

Config section: editor.

Default Keybindings Description Config name
Ctrl+PageUp Previous query editor tab EditorPrevTab
Ctrl+PageDown Next query editor tab EditorNextTab
Ctrl+Alt+Enter / Ctrl+E / Ctrl+R Execute query EditorExecute
Ctrl+W Close editor tab EditorCloseTab
Ctrl+Space Attempt to expand snippet EditorTryExpand
Ctrl+/ Comment or uncomment line EditorToggleComment

Query result

Config section: result.

Default Keybindings Description Config name
Ctrl+Left Scroll columns to left ResultOffsetColumnLeft
Ctrl+Right Scroll columns to right ResultOffsetColumnRight
Up, Down Move selected line pointer -
PageUp, PageDown Move by page -


Snippets are small shortcuts that can be expanded into SQL code.

Currently only standard Postgres snippets are supported, but in future it will be possible to add custom snippets.

Supported snippets

Snippet Expansion
cq Current queries
ds Databases sizes
ts Tables sizes
cl Current locks


  • Customizable keybindings by config TOML file
  • Save query editors content on exit and restore on start
  • Add schemas and tables to tree view
  • Add standard postgres snippets expansion
  • Display available snippets
  • Allow to add custom snippets
  • Add other objects to tree view (views, functions, etc)
  • Show table columns in tree view
  • status line: Show loading while executing query
  • Add support for more Postgres types (from https://docs.rs/sqlx-postgres/0.7.2/sqlx_postgres/types/index.html )
  • Error handling: remove all unwrap() calls and anything else that can panic
  • Customize keybindings in UI
  • themes: Customizeable style by config TOML file
  • Add support for query parameters
  • Add support for query history
  • Add support for query execution plan
  • Support queries with big results by paging
  • Limit query result size by amount of rows
  • Better limit of query result by memory size (use https://docs.rs/datasize/latest/datasize/ )
  • Syntax highlighting for query editor
  • databases: Add support for MySQL
  • databases: Add support for SQLite
  • databases: Add support for MS SQL Server (via https://github.com/prisma/tiberius )


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