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A tiny ID type that's like UUID except shorter and easier for a user to type in

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A small, 8-byte, ID type for use in rust applications that need a pretty unique identifier that is not required to be cryptographically secure / correct. They can be randomly generated but no work has been done to make sure that these random generations are secure (all RNG is done through the excellent fastrand crate).

I made this type because I needed mostly / somewhat random identifiers that could be easily read and retyped by a user, but would also prevent collisions in somewhat small (less than a million or so) use-cases.

Examples collision.rs or collision_average.rs (beware, this can take quite a while to run) can be run to get an idea of how many IDs can be generated before collision occurs, but this is ultimately down to luck I suppose.
Generally, an average of 50-100 times gave me results in the 20 million range (IDs created before collision), but unlucky RNG has lead to results as low as 6-8 million.


The crate has either one or two dependencies, depending on whether serialization is needed. fastrand is used for RNG, serde is used for de/serialization only if the serde feature flag is enabled.


Further examples can be found in ./examples/basic.rs.

use tinyid::TinyId;

// Generate a random ID.
let mut id = TinyId::random();
// Ensure that the ID is valid.

assert_eq!(id, TinyId::null());


The crate only has one feature, serde, which will enable serde serialization and deserialization of the TinyId type. It will also bring in the serde dependency.