Cargo Features

Thruster has no features set by default.

thruster = { version = "1.3.10", features = ["actix_server", "hyper_server", "unix_hyper_server", "tls", "file", "thruster-jab"] }
actix_server = actix-rt, actix-service, actix-web

Affects context::basic_actix_context, context::actix_request, server::actix_server

hyper_server unix_hyper_server? = hyper

Affects app::testing_async, context::basic_hyper_context, context::typed_hyper_context, context::fast_hyper_context, context::hyper_request, server::hyper_server, server::ssl_hyper_server

unix_hyper_server = hyper_server, hyperlocal

Affects server::unix_hyper_server

tls = native-tls, rustls-pemfile, tokio-native-tls, tokio-rustls

Affects server::ssl_server, server::ssl_hyper_server

file = dashmap

Affects middleware::file

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

actix-web actix_server?

Enables actix-web =4.0.0-beta.5

actix-service actix_server?
actix-rt actix_server?
hyperlocal unix_hyper_server?
hyper hyper_server?

Enables hyper ^0.14.8

dashmap file?

Enables dashmap ^4.0.2

native-tls tls?
rustls-pemfile tls?

Enables rustls-pemfile ^0.2.1

tokio-native-tls tls?
tokio-rustls tls?

Enables tokio-rustls ^0.23.2

thruster-jab implicit feature

Enables thruster-jab


Quick and simple dependency injection