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A configurable theme controller that switches multiple apps between light and dark mode

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0.13.2 Nov 6, 2021
0.13.0 Sep 19, 2021
0.12.0 Jun 30, 2021
0.9.0 Mar 30, 2021
0.2.0 Oct 27, 2020
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A config-driven theme controller

Sometimes it's bright. Sometime's it's not. Sometimes your eyes just need a break.

thcon switches programs and applications between dark and light themes with one command.


For installation instructions, configuration, and more, please see the online documentation at thcon.app, or the Markdown files in ./ docs/content.

How it's Pronounced

It sounds like "thicken", and rhymes with "chicken", "quicken", and "stricken".


thcon is short for "THeme CONtroller", pronounced like the English word "thicken". The name was chosen from a misunderstanding of pkcon as "PacKage CONtroller", and was maintained despite pkcon actually being a "PackageKit CONsole client".

Feel free to pretend this less embarrassing explanation is the truth:

thcon (pronounced like the English word "thicken") comes from the use of a roux to thicken a sauce while cooking, and is a play on the fact that a roux can cooked to either a light or dark color. A roux thickens your sauce and can be light or dark; thcon makes your apps light or dark. Perhaps it should have been called roux.


For build and test instructions, see BUILDING.


BSD 3-Clause (SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause)


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