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Telegram bot for aliasing media

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0.1.0 Jan 13, 2022

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Telegram media bot

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Telegram bot written in rust for aliasing different media (currently only stickers are supported).

How it works

Initially, no aliases are specified. They can be added using /add command, which starts an addition process:


After that, you can use specified aliases enclosed in colons in your messages. The bot will send the associated media to the chat:



The bot is (hopefully still) running at http://t.me/textmedia_bot.

  • Add it to a chat (or start a conversation in PM)
  • (If using in chat) Give admin rights if you wish all messages in the chat to be seen.
  • Use it according to /start and /help

How to run it by yourself


  • Rust/Cargo 1.56+
  • Redis 6.2+

Older versions may work, however they were not tested.


You can use cargo install or manually clone into repository then either install on a machine or build and run in the folder.

  • Start redis server
  • Specify bot API token in TELOXIDE_TOKEN enviromental variable

Using cargo install

  • Type cargo install --git https://github.com/bragov4ik/tg-media-bot.git
  • Run the bot using tg-media-bot command (if cargo installation folder is in your PATH)

Manual installation

  • Clone the repository into any folder
  • Use cargo install inside the folder
  • Write tg-media-bot to run (if does not work check that cargo installation location is in your PATH)

Manual portable launch

  • Clone the repository into any folder
  • Type cargo run --release to build and run the project


There is one optional argument - Redis address. You should specify only the address itself, without redis:// prefix.

Usage example: tg-media-bot


If any bugs related to the code were found, create an issue with its description.

Planned work/features

Kind of sorted according to importance (higher - more preferable)

  • more automatic deployment
  • add proper (unit) tests
  • add support for any media
  • inline search
  • more elegant way to handle common commands
  • marking symbol specification (colons may cause conflict) however can be avoided right now by not giving admin rights to the bot, so it does not see all the messages
  • resolve TODOs (not critical, just better practices)


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