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An extended Rust testcase

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testx-rs: An extended Rust testcase

The testx crate provides the testx macro, which is an extended version of the Rust test macro. The key features are:

  • The testx macro is fully compatible for the Rust test macro, all tests maked with #[testx] (instead of #[test]) are executed with cargo-test.
  • Support for a test preparation function.

Getting started

Create a testx testcase

Mark the testcase with #[testx]. Calling cargo test will execute the testcase.

use testx::testx;

fn sample() {
   assert_eq!(1, 1);

// output:
// running 1 test
// test sample ... ok

Prepare data for a testcase with a setup function

Provide a function setup which prepares and returns some data for your testcase. Next, your testcase needs one argument, which must match the return value of the setup function.

A testcase marked with #[testx] will first execute the setup function and will pass its return value to your testcase.

use testx::testx;

fn setup() -> u32 {

pub fn sample(num: u32) {
    assert_eq!(num, 4711);


Put the following line into the [dev-dependencies] section of your Cargo.toml:

testx = "0.1.2"


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