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macro tests_bin

Simple solution to organize unit tests. VSCode extension included!

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This crate is aimed toward Rustacean who wish to have a bin folder where they can easily organize all their unit tests to clean their src folder. VSCode extension included! Visit Wiki for more informations.



  • Organize your unit tests with one relative path.
  • Automatically create your unit tests module name.
  • Add attribute macro directly above your item for easier unit tests tracking.
  • Work with rust-analyzer to run your tests.
  • Unit tests folder path is customizable.

VSCode Extension

  • Shortcut to create new unit tests file in bin folder.
  • Open your unit tests files directly from your code.
  • Shortcuts to rename and delete unit tests file.
  • Customizable new unit tests file template.
  • Lots of settings to fit your taste.

More features details in wiki.


cargo add tests_bin

VSCode extension installation

Launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl+P), paste the following command, and press enter.

ext install nas.rust-tests-bin


use tests_bin::{ unit__tests, unit_tests };

// Will link a module to `tests/unit/global_tests.rs` with a module named `global_test_rs`.
// Will link a module to `tests/unit/add.rs` with a module named `pub_fn_add_usize`.
pub fn add(left: usize, right: usize) -> usize {
    left + right


Without item : unit__tests!("relative_path.rs" {, "module name"});
With an item : #[unit_tests("relative_path.rs" {, "module name"})] item
*The element in {} are optional. The extension .rs is required.*



No runtime deps