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Tera CLI for one-off template interpolation from context file / env vars

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Tera CLI

CI Status Crates.io License: MIT

Tera CLI for one-off template interpolation from context file / env vars.

The following context formats are supported:

  • JSON context file (--json . defaults to .tera.json)
  • TOML context file (--toml . defaults to .tera.toml)
  • YAML context file (--yaml . defaults to .tera.yaml)
  • Environment variables



Simple Examples


Template template.tmpl

{% if hello %}{{ msg }}{% endif %}

TOML .tera.toml

hello = true
msg = "Hello World!"


> tera -f template.tmpl --toml .
Hello World!

> cat template.tmpl | tera --toml .
Hello World!

> tera -s "$(cat template.tmpl)" --toml .
Hello World!

Environment Variables

Template template.tmpl

{% if MSG %}{{ MSG }}{% endif %}


> MSG="Hello World!" tera -f template.tmpl --env
Hello World!

By default, setting --toml . looks for .tera.toml context file in current working directory. Similarly, setting --json . looks for .tera.json in current working directory. Use --toml file_to_toml to change the path to the context file.

For more details, run

tera --help


Thanks to original Tera author, whose GitHub repository is at: https://github.com/Keats/tera.

Also thanks to BurntSushi and his ripgrep repository showcase of GitHub Actions for cross-compilation, which has been copied and adapted heavily into this repository. The original files are here: https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep/tree/8905d54a9f25f4c1e4e3ca8331f517473e174d87/.github/workflows.


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