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Protobuf codegen crate for tensorflow

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0.2.0 Oct 12, 2020
0.1.0 Oct 12, 2020


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Tensorflow Protos Rust

This crate contains tensorflow protobuf files compiled into Rust via protobuf-rust and associated crates.

There are a lot of protobuf files in tensorflow and it can be hard to track which ones you need manually. The aim of this crate as a start will be to filter out unnecessary protobufs i.e. python/example/tests and potentially in future apply feature gates to ensure you bring in the minimum required for your needs.

Currently I am only targetting tensorflow 1.15. This is because without the C bindings being published for 2.x the same as 1.x it's not feasible to upgrade tensorflow rust code to 2.x at this time.

I'm also ignoring tensorflow lite for now as I don't use it. There will also have to be a bit of extra work for it because of duplicate names (types.proto).


For simplicity, this work is licensed the same as tensorflow under the Apache License (version 2). See LICENSE for more details.


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