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A small CLI to facilitate creating Tempo worklogs for Jira issues.


You can either build this utility from source with cargo build or use cargo install tempomat --locked to get the latest version from crates.io.

An AUR package might come in the future.


First you must get all the required access tokens:

tempomat login --atlassian-instance <your_atlassian_instance>

Required accesses:

  • Jira: This access is needed because the Tempo API needs both the Atlassian Account and Jira issue ID, which can only be obtained from the Jira API.
  • Tempo: Should be self-explanatory

Logging time

This tool will automatically detect the current Jira issue key you are working on by the curret branch name (eg. feat/DV-3124 or PROJ-30_fix_bugs). If the issue key cannot be detected from the current branch, you will have to pass the -i flag with the issue key.


tempomat log 1h # Logs 1 hour to the current issue
tempomat log -m"Implement Bar" 30s # Logs 30 seconds to the current issue with a description
tempomat log -i PROJ-5 30m # Log 30 minutes to the issue PROJ-5
tempomat start # Start a timer for the current issue, you can also use -i <issue> here
tempomat list -i PROJ-5 # Show current timer for issue PROJ-5
tempomat stop -n # Cancel the timer for the current issue, don't pass -n to submit it (-i supported)


This tool is not yet fully complete, watch the progress here: TODO.md


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