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Rust implementation of PJRC’s teensy_loader_cli

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✓ Uses Rust 2018 edition

0.1.2 Sep 10, 2019
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Teensy Loader, in Rust

This is a reimplementation of Teensy loader CLI in Rust.


cargo install teensy-loader
teensy-loader --help


  • Not written in C
  • Accepts ELF binary as input (no need to objconv to an ihex file)
  • Supports Teensy 4.0 (not tested yet)


  • Not official, possibly buggy (new project)
  • Does not accept ihex input, so it might not fit into existing toolchains
  • Works only with libusb (Linux, FreeBSD; tested only on the latter)

I'll accept merge requests that fix the last two cons, as long as they don't break existing functionality. Not going to implement these features, though: what I need is uploading from ELF on FreeBSD.


  • A cargo plugin that would make it possible to run cargo teensy-load in a Rust project aimed at a Teensy and it would Just Work (taking Teensy model from Cargo.toml or command-line switch).


~21K SLoC