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high-level encapsulation of Linux's per-task statistics interface

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0.1.1 May 17, 2020
0.1.0 May 17, 2020

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This crate provides a high-level encapsulation of Linux's per-task statistics interface.

Currently only limited information is exposed in Taskstats struct, but new field can be easily added for future version. If there are any other fields in taskstats struct useful to you, feel free to submit PR to add them.


Query aggregated taskstats of a task:

let mut conn = TaskstatsConnection::new()?;
let stats = conn.get_pid_stats(1)?;
// ...

Listen to taskstats of exited tasks:

let conn = TaskstatsConnection::new()?;
let cpu_mask = CString::new("0-7\0".to_owned()).unwrap().into_boxed_c_str();
let mut listener = TaskstatsListener::register(conn, cpu_mask)?;
loop {
    let (pid, stats) = listener.get_next()?;
    // ...


raw.rs files in src, src/netlink, and src/genetlink are generated from corresponding headers, then manually adjusted to fit the needs.


This crate only exposes stats for pid / task, but not tgid / process, because the kernel doesn't really pass much useful information for tgid. It is recommended that you rely on pid stats and aggregate for process manually.


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