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Actor-like Message processing framework inspired by the work of Stepan Koltsov

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0.1.0 Sep 10, 2016

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Simple Rust Actors

Actors framework (inspired by a similar work of Stepan Kolcov in Java) with a Lock-Free message queue and a threadpool.

Actor starts processing as soon as any workload added and shutdowns when you call "complete".

Substantial performance benefit comes from using a lock-free collection for input tasks ("messages") and only scheduling a new actor execution in a separate thread when there's a gap in workload input.


To use the framework, you need to implement MessageProcessor trait for your data type.

extern crate threadpool;
extern crate tasks_framework;

use threadpool::ThreadPool;

use tasks_framework::single_queue_actor::MessageProcessor;
use tasks_framework::single_queue_actor::SingleQueueActor;

struct NewMessageType {
   ... your custome message type ...

struct SimpleMessageProcessor {

impl MessageProcessor<NewMessageType> for SimpleMessageProcessor {
    fn process_message(&self, message: NewMessageType) {
       ... message processing logic - executed asyncronously in the threadpool ...

let pool = Arc::new(ThreadPool::new(2));
    let processor = Arc::new(SimpleMessageProcessor::new());

    let simple_actor = SingleQueueActor::new( processor.clone(), pool );

    ... add some work ...
    ... which starts to be processed immediately when the first message arrives ...
    ... to "shutdown" the actor and wait for the completion of any in-progress tasks.