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Command-line tarball utility

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This tool is no longer under active development. If you are interested in taking over or repurposing the name on crates.io, feel free to contact me: nbishop@nbishop.net

Command-line tarball utility written in Rust.

This tool is a work in progress. Currently it supports two operations: list and unpack. If the tarball contains more than one file not in a common directory, the files are unpacked into a new directory with a name based on the tarball. This ensures that an ill-mannered tarball cannot bomb the output directory.


  • Pack command(s): this command will create a tarball. The interface here needs a bit of thought since you need to control both the file inputs and their paths within the tarball. With tar you typically do this by adding a -C, not sure if that's the most convenient way forward yet though.

  • Automatic decompression -- the unpack command should be able to handle gz, xz, bz2, lz4, etc.

  • Automatic compression -- same for the pack command.


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