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deprecated docker-command

Library for creating Docker commands

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This tool is no longer under active development. If you are interested in taking over or repurposing the name on crates.io, feel free to contact me: nbishop@nbishop.net

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Rust library for creating Docker commands.

Rather than speaking directly to the Docker daemon, this library produces commands that can be run in a subprocess to invoke the Docker client (or a compatible client such as Podman).

This crate depends on the command-run crate. That crate's logging feature (which controls whether the log crate is a dependency) can be toggled with this crate's logging feature (enabled by default).


let output = Launcher::auto()
    .ok_or("container comand not found")?
    .run(RunOpt {
        image: "alpine:latest".into(),
        command: Some(Path::new("echo").into()),
        args: vec!["hello".into(), "world".into()],
assert_eq!(output.stdout_string_lossy(), "hello world\n");


Only a few Docker commands are currently implemented, and many of the available options for those commands are not yet implemented. Contributions welcome!


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