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0.2.1 Feb 20, 2024
0.2.0 Feb 6, 2024

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tar2arx is a command line tool to convert tar archive to arx format.

Arx is a new file archive format.

Install tar2arx

Binaries for Windows, MacOS and Linux are available for every release. You can also install tar2arx using Cargo:

cargo install tar2arx arx

You will need arx to read the archive.

Use tar2arx

Convert a tar archive

Creating an archive is simple :

tar2arx -o foo.arx foo.tar.gz

Read arx archive

See the arx documentation for full command.

  • List the content of the archive
arx list foo.arx | less
  • Extract the archive
arx extract -f foo.arx -C my_out_dir
  • Extract only one file
arx dump foo.arx my_directory/path/to/my_file > my_file
  • Mounting the archive

On linux and macOs, you can mount the archive using fuse.

mkdir mount_point
arx mount foo.arx mount_point

arx will be running until you unmount mount_point.


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