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SDK to build plugins for takoyaki

3 stable releases

Uses new Rust 2021

1.1.0 Oct 29, 2022
1.0.1 Oct 23, 2022

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Blazingly fast git contribution graph in your terminal


✔️ Customizable
✔️ Plugins to support a bunch of cloud based git repositories (like GitHub and GitLab)
✔️ Blazingly fast


To install, run the following script:

curl https://usetakoyaki.vercel.app/install.sh | sh


  1. To install a plugin, run:
takoyaki plug <repo>
  1. To delete a plugin, run:
takoyaki unplug <name>
  1. To use a specific plugin, run:
takoyaki use <name>


Fetching everytime might take your terminal to open super late, which sucks. So, Tokayaki uses caching to cache the response so that you get a blazingly fast response on opening your terminal. This cache is updated every hour using the service or if you wanna force update it, run takoyaki clean

Plugin development guides

Currently, there is no docs for understanding how to build plugin, but soon there will be a comprehensive guide! If you are brave enough, you can reference using the github plugin or read the generated docs


I would love to have contributions to improve this tool even more ^-^


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