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A prometheus-focused metrics library for Future-aware applications

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A Prometheus-focused metrics library for Future-aware Rust applications.

  • Inspired by finagle-stats.
  • Supports Prometheus-style labels and formatting.
  • Supports scoped.
  • Future-aware timing histograms.
  • Thread-safe.


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A thread-safe, Future-aware metrics library.

Many programs need to information about runtime performance: the number of requests served, a distribution of request latency, the number of failures, the number of loop iterations, etc. tacho::new creates a shareable, scopable metrics registry and a Reporter. The Scope supports the creation of Counter, Gauge, and Stat handles that may be used to report values. Each of these receivers maintains a weak reference back to the central stats registry.


Labels are stored in a BTreeMap because they are used as hash keys and, therefore, need to implement Hash.


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