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A fast command line tool for snappy compression and decompression

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1.0.0 Feb 14, 2020
0.1.1 Dec 30, 2016
0.1.0 Aug 2, 2016

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A pure Rust command line tool for compressing and decompressing Snappy files. By default, this tool uses the Snappy frame format.

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Licensed under the BSD 3-Clause.


See szip --help.


szip is on crates.io:

$ cargo install szip


szip works similarly to gzip.

To compress a file:

$ szip some-file

some-file.sz will be written as the Snappy compressed form of some-file, and some-file will be deleted. To keep the original file, use the -k/--keep flag:

$ szip -k some-file

To decompress a file, use the -d/--decompress flag:

$ szip -d some-file.sz

Like compression, some-file will be written with the uncompressed data and some-file.sz will be removed. Use the -k/--keep flag to retain some-file.sz.

szip can only compress or decompress streams:

$ szip < some-file | szip -d > same-file

Finally, the Snappy frame format can be disabled in lieu of the Snappy raw format with the -r/--raw flag. Generally, using the raw format is not recommended unless you know you need it.

$ szip -r some-file


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