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SymCode Library

The Symbolic Barcode for Humans and Machines

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Built with 🦀 by The Vision Cortex Research Group


symcode is the programming library providing the infrastructure to design a Symbolic Barcode, while supporting a demo implementation Acute32.

A SymCode is composed of an array of Symbols arranged in a grid structure.

What can be customized:

  1. the symbol set
  2. shape and locations of finders
  3. arrangement (3x3, 4x5 etc) and padding (space between symbols)
  4. encoding and error detection scheme (for different payload sizes)

We provide a demo implementation Acute32 in one configuration: 3x3 -> 5 symbols * 5 bit/sym = 20 bit payload + 5 bit checksum

A second configuration able to encode more bits is also planned: 5x4 -> 16 symbols * 5 bit/sym = 64 bit payload + 16 bit checksum


The /acute32 modules implements the scanner traits.

The /interfaces module defines the abstract concepts of different stages in a scanner and generator:

  1. SymcodeScanner The scanning pipeline

  2. Finder To detect finder elements from a color image

  3. Fitter To find the correct perspective transform from finder candidates

  4. Reader To scan the image to read out a series of symbols

  5. Decoder To decode an array of symbols into bit string

  6. Encoder To encode a bit string into a Symcode Representation

  7. SymcodeGenerator To generate a Symcode image for a given Symcode representation

  8. Debugger For use during development to help visualizing the pipeline stages


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