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bin+lib sylvia-iot-data

The data storage of Sylvia-IoT core modules

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The data storage of Sylvia-IoT core modules.

Mount sylvia-iot-data in your Actix-Web App

You can simply mount sylvia-iot-data into your Actix-Web App:

use actix_web::{self, App, HttpServer};
use clap::App as ClapApp;
use sylvia_iot_data::{libs, routes};

async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
    let args = ClapApp::new("your-project-name").get_matches();

    let conf = libs::config::read_args(&args);
    let data_state = match routes::new_state("/data", &conf).await {
        Err(e) => {
            println!("Error: {}", e);
            return Ok(());
        Ok(state) => state,
    HttpServer::new(move || App::new().service(routes::new_service(&data_state)))

Please see src/bin/sylvia-iot-data.rs to get the real world example.

All-in-one binary

You can use src/bin/sylvia-iot-core.rs as a single binary to run the whole sylvia-iot platform.


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