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Fetch and add Star Wars quotes (and GIFs!) from the CLI

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Star Wars Quote And GIF Utility


About SWQ-rs

Rust Use your terminal often, and really want to grab that perfect quote or GIF for the situation? SWQ has you covered! It's easy to use, and quickly adds a GIF or full quote (with or without author) to your clipboard. SWQ-rs is a rewrite of the original Python+fire into Rust+clap for a faster, and more efficient codebase.


  • swq quote KEYWORDS

  • swq gif KEYWORDS

That's it!


  • Cargo: cargo install swq

  • AUR: paru -S swq

A Tenor API key is recommended, to get one please go to Tenor API, and on first time use of the GIF command, it will prompt you to paste it in (the key is held in the keyring).


  • Get quotes

  • Get GIFs (from Tenor)

  • Auto add to clipboard

  • Add quotes

  • TBD!


The best way to support SWQ-rs is to contribute! Feel free to make PRs, open issues, and help us make this the best utility we can! If you're interested in adding a feature, simply open an issue.


Distributed under the GNU Public License (GPLv3) (See accompanying file LICENSE)

Keywords: rust, ureq, clap, cli


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