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nightly app swift-precompiler

A precompiler for Swift that allows you to use additional macros, include files, and more

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Swift Precompiler

⚡ A fast, lightweight precompiler for Swift


  • Add Rust's includeStr! like functionality to Swift with the precompileIncludeStr function



cargo install swift-precompiler


Run swift-precompiler init to initialise a config file swift-precompiled.toml with the default values

Available options:

  • dirs - An array of directories to search for Swift source files that require precompilation
  • path_aliases - A dictionary of path aliases to use in precompile calls


dirs = ["Cider/", "CiderPlaybackAgent/"]

# "@" as a path alias refers to the current working directory in most cases
"@" = "./"


Including a file as a string literal at compile time:

let javaScript = precompileIncludeStr("path/to/file.js")

Include a file as a Data at compile time:

let image = precompileIncludeData("path/to/image.png")

Run swift-precompiler to precompile all Swift files in the directories specified in the config file

swift-precompiler precompile

You should add Precompiled.swift to your .gitignore

Swift Precompiler encodes your strings with Base64, you can add swift-extras-base64 to your project using SPM to enable faster Base64 decode.


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