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swaycons adds nerd font icons to sway window titles

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Window Icons in Sway with Nerd Fonts!


  • I heavily use sway tabs and adding icons makes it a lot easier to visually pick out the window that I'm looking for.
  • Sway issue discussing window icons: https://github.com/swaywm/sway/issues/4882
  • Workarounds using just the sway config have significant limitations. Sway will only trigger changes for for_window [title="firefox"] title_format {icon} %title type configs once. That makes it less than ideal for icons in many cases.
  • Because swaycons has a default config included, it's a lot simpler to get running than configuring font icons manually in a sway config

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  1. Install Rust
  2. Sway
  3. A font with icons and pango enabled in your sway config. The default config assumes a nerd font is used. The config should look something like this:
font pango:FuraCode Nerd Font 11

Install Swaycons

  1. cargo install swaycons


  • run swaycons
  • recommend adding something like exec swaycons to sway config
  • swaycons must be restarted after config changes


  • by default the config file should be placed at ~/.config/swaycons/config.toml, but it will look for swaycons/config.toml in whatever your configured XDG config folder is.
  • the default config is included in the binary and can be viewed here
  • Your custom config will add to the default config
  • The best place to find icons for nerd fonts is the nerd fonts cheat sheet
  • learn about pango Attributes here
  • to find the app_id or class I recommend running swaymsg -t get_tree | less and using / to search for the app you're looking for
  • There are a lot of great resources to learn how to write regular expressions out there. The examples in the title section will cover most simple cases though.
  • Here is an example with comments:

# global section. all windows will default to these settings
color = "#FFFFFF" # this must be a valid color
focused_color = "#FFFFFF" # to disable a focused_color set this to ""
icon = "󰖯" # to disable a default icon just set this to ""
size = "14pt" # must be a valid pango size value
separator = " " # anything between the icon and window title

# app_id section.  This does an exact string comparison to the app_id or
# window_properties.class value reported in swaymsg -t get_tree for the window
# It will be app_id for wayland apps and window_properties.class for X11 apps
chromium = { icon = "", color = "#a1c2fa", size = "13pt" }
firefox = { icon = "", color = "#ff8817" }
foot = { icon = "" }
neovide = { icon = "", color = "#8fff6d" }

# This does a regex match on the window title.  Matches from this section
# will take precedence over matches from the app_id section. A very basic
# algorithm is used to select the more exact regex if there are multiple
# matches. If 1 regex contains another it will choose the longer one. For
# instance mail\\.google\\.com and google\\.com/maps will be chosen over 
# google\\.com
# escape . for an exact match.  Normally . matches any character
"crates\\.io" = { icon = "󰏗", color = "#ffc933" }
"github\\.com" = { icon = "" }
"google\\.com" = { icon = "", color = "#4285f4" }
"google\\.com/maps" = { icon = "󰗵", color = "#4caf50" }
"mail\\.google\\.com" = { icon = "󰊫", color = "#ad1f1c" }

# use | for or
"sr\\.ht|sourcehut\\.org" = { icon = "" }

# can do an or around just a substring with (a|b)
"travis-ci\\.(com|org)" = { icon = "", color = "#cd324a" } 

# The app_id setting means that this will only match if both the title matches
# the regex and the app_id or window_properties.class equals one of the values
# provided in the app_id array
# For example this allows a vim logo in the terminal but keeps a github logo
# when viewing a github page with vim in the repository name
vim = { app_id = ["foot", "Alacritty"], icon = "", color = "#8fff6d" }

Replace Firefox Tabs with Sway Tabs

This plugin is extremely useful when using sway tabs instead of browser tabs. To get this working properly with Firefox a few steps and plugins are necessary:

  1. Open Firefox Settings and Disable Open links in tabs instead of new windows
  2. Install Tab-less from Firefox Add-ons
  3. Install URL in Title from Firefox Add-ons
  4. Hide the tab bar - directions are in the sidebery github wiki


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