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Simple Alt-Tab daemon for SwayWM. Switches back to previous focused window on SIGUSR1

5 stable releases

1.1.2 Dec 11, 2019
1.1.0 Dec 10, 2019
1.0.1 Dec 9, 2019

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A simple daemon that keeps track of your last focused window and switches to it on receiving a SIGUSR1. Automatically binds Alt-Tab to the same action.

To change the key combo from "Mod1+Tab", use the -c flag and set your preferred mapping.


From Binaries

Binary releases (for Linux x86_64) can be found at the Releases page.

From AUR

If you're using Arch Linux, you can install the sway-alttab-bin package.

yay -S --aur sway-alttab-bin

From Crates.io

cargo install sway-alttab

From Source

git clone https://gitlab.com/reisub0/sway-alttab
cargo install --path sway-alttab


sway-alttab is licensed under the MIT License.


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